Lands To Die For


You may not have heard of the Garifuna people. They’re people with a unique culture who live mostly in coastal Central America. Descendents of runaway African slaves and local indigenous groups. They have their own language, religion – and lands. But the Garifuna in Honduras say their land is under siege.

Several of their leaders have been killed as they fight to defend it. But finding justice is proving hard in a country where impunity and corruption reign.

Gerry Hadden
Armando Guerra

Executive Producer
Ma Jing
Mei Yan
Guo Chun

AMERICAS NOW Executive Producer
Jose Velasquez

Roselena Ramirez
Christian Pena
Joe Zarinko
Qingzhao Sun

AJ More
Sebastien Harding

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Alexander Shields
Devin Draudt

Director of Photography
Gavin Northover
Armando Guerra

Armando Guerra

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Marta Varona

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Renato Lacayini

Jim Laurie