Nicaragua – Coastal Loss


In November 2020, brutal back-to-back hurricanes smashed into Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast, knocking down homes and trees and washing away beaches. The ferocity of the storms, and their frequency, scientists say, are signs of climate change. If this is the new normal then Central America is set to suffer major setbacks: in tourism; in biodiversity and in its ability to sustain human life as we know it. Especially worried are the native Miskito people. They’re subsistence fishermen with nowhere else to go.

Armando Guerra
Gerry Hadden

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Jiang Heping
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Humberto Duran

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Roselena Ramirez

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Inti Ocón

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Inti Ocón

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Ismael López

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Alfonso Flores Bermúdez

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Special Thanks
The Haulover community in the Nicaraguan Atlantic Coast and specially Rommel Washington, Emma Budier and Manuel Phaps

Prof. Marcos Williamson, Director, Institute of National Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development

Donald Williams, Marine Biologist, Institute of National Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development

Rudy A. Salas Tathum, Agroforestry Engineer, Universidad de las Regiones Autónomas de la Costa Caribe Nicaragüense

Víctor Padilla, local guide.