Reinventing Cuba


'Reinventing Cuba' is a documentary that delves into baseball, art, entrepreneurship and medicine. Cuba has a top-notch pharmaceutical industry, can it compete with Big Pharma? Because of Cuba’s strong education system, the answer is “yes,” Cuba can compete. In fact it already does, and its successes have created an overlooked but burgeoning middle class.

These are the people at the forefront of what will likely be Cuba’s future as it moves into a new era of relations between Washington and Havana. We see what they’re up to, and where they think their country will go. These are all stories of hope that come together to explain the heart of the country.

Dedicated to the Lions of Central Havana.

Gerry Hadden
Armando Guerra

Executive Producer
Ma Jing
Mei Yan
Guo Chun

AMERICAS NOW Executive Producer
Humberto Duran

Roselena Ramirez
Christian Pena
Joe Zarinko
Qingzhao Sun

Armando Guerra
Josep Alfaro

Line producer, Cuba
Talía Bustamante

Line producer, Cuba
Diana González, RTV Comercial

Armando Guerra

Associate Editor and Sound Design
Caleb Lopez

Jim Laurie

Motion graphics
Albert Val
Alexander Shields

Still photography
Saddam Santos
Armando Guerra
Carlos Manuel Mera Rojas
Maikel Sanchez

Still photography retouching
Josep Alfaro
Beatriz Conca

Special thanks to
Michael Voss
Claudia Fuentes Morales
Virginia Catalina Morales Menocal