Time Is Dust


Chased by the army and condemned by the world, small-time gold miners know they're destroying the Peruvian Amazon - but say they have no choice.

Thousands of artisanal miners are digging up the Peruvian Amazon. The authorities are after them. Environmentalists demonize them. It’s a disaster and its only getting worse. But what do the miners themselves have to say?

See for yourself on an unprecedented journey into the illegal mines. Where crooks and killers toil alongside otherwise honest men in search of gold – and a way out of life-threatening poverty.

Gerry Hadden
Armando Guerra

Executive Producer
Ma Jing
Mei Yan
Guo Chun

Americas Now Executive Producer
Humberto Duran
Jose Velasquez

Roselena Ramirez
Christian Pena
Joe Zarinko
Qingzhao Sun

AJ More
Sebastien Harding

Motion Graphics and Design
Alexander Shields
Devin Draudt
Albert Val

Director of Photography
Armando Guerra

Armando Guerra

Assistant Editor
Marta Varona

Local Producer
Edison Salvador Huaman Ccapchi "Cebiche"

Jim Laurie

Special thanks to
Alberto Pérez and the Pérez family
Gustavo Salinas Castro
Kirstin Alice Adam