Up North


June 2019 went down as the year global warming came to Europe and stayed: Record temperatures from France to Spain, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic; wildfires burning out of control across Russia; ice caps from Greenland to Finland melting at rates unseen.

It was the hottest June on record since 1880.

Scientists say the heat will only worsen, with heat waves becoming more frequent and intense. For years climate change sceptics either dismissed warnings or figured far-away countries would bear the brunt, with the north being spared. But global experts now have consensus: The crisis is here and now. Europe burns in real time. Its ice is melting today. And it may not be coming back.

What can be done at this late hour to reverse the warming? Are regional emissions standards enough now? How will life in this stable, wealthy region of the world be affected? What sacrifices will normal people be forced to make? What new dangers will confront them?

Armando Guerra
Gerry Hadden

Executive Producers
Jiang Heping
Zhang Xin
Humberto Duran

Big Story Producers
Tevhid Basturk
Nina Ing
Jolie Lee

France Producer
Anne Cassuto

Sweden Producer
Enno Ladwig

Russia Producer
Darya Tarasova

Driver Russia
Vitaly Bugrov

Russian translation and transcripts
Svetlana Beleaeva
Darya Tarasova

French translation and transcripts
Anne Cassuto

Gerry Hadden

Armando Guerra

Additional cinematography
Enno Ladwig

Armando Guerra

Motion Graphics and Design
Albert Val

Artwork Design
Kar Duran for Gazpacho Estudio